Welcomes to Safety First Nursing, home of Safety Nurse. I am obsessed with patient safety. So much so, that I am sending a young Haitian woman, Rose Katiana, to nursing school.

This site is about supporting her journey through nursing school, and providing you with the most up-to-date patient safety research, resources and education. I believe that educating women has the power to create lasting, positive change.  I could really use your help – tuition, room and board cost about $3000 a year.  Please donate today.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Two FREE continuing education courses – click on the links above to access. One on Medication Administration Safety, and one on Root Cause Analysis.
  2. Safety Rules! Podcast – tune in for interviews, stories and best practice safety info.
  3. Safety Rules! Blog on allnurses.com – diving deep into safety issues like drug culture in Appalachia, how to protect your nursing license, what to do if you get fired from your job, and much more.
  4. Safety First Nursing Newsletter (SIGN UP) – get notified about podcast and blog releases, as well as exclusive photos and updates on Rose Katiana.

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