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The Mission of Safety First Nursing is to support the physical, psychological and emotional safety of patients and nurses through research, resources and education. Owner Kristi Sanborn Miller RN, PhD, CPPS, HNB-BC is “the Patient Safety Specialist”. She is a board certified professional in patient safety, and a published author. ¬†She has over 10 years… Continue reading About SFN


Welcomes to Safety First Nursing, home of Safety Nurse. I am obsessed with patient safety. So much so, that I am sending a young Haitian woman, Rose Katiana, to nursing school. This site is about supporting her journey through nursing school, and providing you with the most up-to-date patient safety research, resources and education. I… Continue reading Home

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The Wrong Dose: A True Story of Medication Error

Safety Nurse sat down with Margo, a fantastic oncology nurse, who talked about the night she gave a patient too much insulin, and he coded. He lived, and Margo is still at the same job. The hospital where she worked supported her and included her in a Root Cause Analysis of the event. Margo is… Continue reading The Wrong Dose: A True Story of Medication Error